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Codevember Number Three

This is my inspiration for today’s pen: Bridget Riley's Dilated Centres.

Bridget Riley : Dilated Centers

You may not be able to tell but the the circles aren’t quite concentric. The lovely Lotte Jackson wrote a post just over a month ago, about cicada, which reminded me about this piece. It used prime numbers and border radius’ to create a great ‘blobby’ effect on some images she was displaying on a website. It was a totally awesome technique, and I really wanted to try it out. What a great pen to do so with.

Not much of the code from yesterday has changed at all apart from the DOM elements and a hec of a lot more CSS. Here I’m changing the border radius when I am looping over the i’s in the animateStuff() function. We have more elements this time so it feels a bit better.

See the Pen Codevember AudioVis #3 by Rumyra (@Rumyra) on CodePen.

I’d recommend the opening credits to Luke Cage for this one.