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Codevember Hash Two

Codevember Hash Two

It's Sapphire subject today so here's a little audio vis instead of a grid practice, as it seemed to fit a little betterer.

See the Pen Codevember Hash 2 by Rumyra (@Rumyra) on CodePen.

The biggest change I've made to the audio-vis software I'm building (Vizra) is to move the visuals to a canvas element to help performance. Drawing (& re-drawing) a butt ton of SVGs wasn't working too well. So the audio vis you'll see this Codevember are all going to be on canvas - not too much change to the actual visuals from last year. But most of work this year has been around the nuts and bolts of the software rather than the vis themselves.

Weirdly I have run into more performance problems recently, but that's a whole other blog post, in fact a whole series!