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📢 Announcement Emoji: Weekly Highlights!*

Demos & Sites

Probably my personal highlight for the week: The MediaRecorder API is now available in Chrome 49 stable and Firefox 25+. More on this later I’m sure, but Soledad, covers it all here in her special super way.

One of my good internet friends (@nexii) showed me this - if you’re doing code in your presentations you may want to take a look.

If you want to learn angular, (or level up), I recommend Todd Motto, he has some great online courses and he lives next door (ok five minutes down the road, but we’re countryside so I stand by neighbour).

Paul Kinlan put together a site to showcase Web Apps - cos we all know they are the coolest kind of apps (/me ducks). You can submit yours here.


Andy Budd wrote a great article about design thinking, with great references to other types of thinking, just to make you way less confused.

Steve Workman wrote about implementing https at Yell: Https is Hard

Jeremy always talks sense although I have always felt like there’s ponies… everywhere!

We’re reminded that sometimes you should question the standards you think you know Via @edent and @laurakalbag

Still not excited about streams? No fear, Jake’s still got your back on this one. Here he mixes up streams and template literals and the results are all rather gravy (streamy - the results are streamy).


Microsoft stormed it at the beginning of the week (probably because of Christian’s wonderful comparing and added jokes) with their Edge Web Summit. I live streamed the beginning, yet still to catch up on the rest, but as a summary, the Edge team are doing amazing things. Internet high fives all round o/\o

(Shout out to Paul Lewis for introducing me to internet high fives)

This week I’m going to stay home grown: Look out for

  • Render later this month in Oxford. I’m going to by pass the incredible speaker line up and go straight in for Oxford is cool and so is the community there, most of them are going so you’ll be in great company!
  • Port 80 is back in Newport on May 20th with a great line up
  • UpFrontConf is also back at the end of May in Manchester. They’re running a lovely bursary programme for under represented genders - if you want to speak, want to start out, want some help/mentoring etc… totally check it out. Not only is this an incentive close to my heart, but the peeps who organise are wonderful too.
  • Hackference, Birmingham and WDC2016, Bristol also both have their CFP’s open for the autumn season

One sad thing

I received my generic ‘Your App has been Disabled’ from the Firefox OS Marketplace Team 😢

One amazing thing <- that’s me btw 😆

*There is every chance this will not happen every week