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📢 Announcement Emoji: Weekly Cool Links!*

It's so nice of them - they just tweet me cool sh*t… along with the stuff I read or see and go all like 'wo', I think this is becoming a bit of a regular thing.

Luky VJ bought out a sass mixin library to help with all those nth child thing-a-mees - that looks cool.

I could not agree more with this article by Mr. Zeldman about needing a Front End Director, not only for his good points, but from a personal point of view hitting a glass ceiling a while a go and always working under either technical or creative directors, neither of whom specialise in my line of work. This would solve both frustrations in one.

Working with serial devices (like arduinos) and MIDI? Then this piece of software should help a nice bridge to help send and receive MIDI.

I attended Google I/O Extended in London last week and only really caught the keynote, so have been catching up a bit this week. There's loads of web stuff, so go take a look through the listings, progressive web apps are super hot. My personal pick though has to be Chris Wilsons What's Next For The Web tho, not only is it all the stuff I try to look at daily, but there's MIDI. It was on about midnight my time, but boy did I know about it, thanks to everyone for the tweets!

Typically here's some A/V

It's great to see some more people piping the audio from a mic into web visuals - here's some really gorgeous canvas ones from Olivier Audard

Stuart pointed out someone's recreated SFXR in javascript…. Amazing.

Mat sent me drone ballet on Mount Fuji - I think I'd either seen this or wanted to create a drone light army to music extraveganza at some point (this will happen don't worry).

And last but definitely not least Max sent me Pixelsynth - no words can really describe this - it is just awesome - I wish I'd thought of it.

My friends have been busy doing cool things this week

Ben has been data visualising with our emojis in Digital Oxford slack - this is not only a super cool link, but also totally relevant to something I'm wanting to build at the moment so I was all like 'super wo'. Can you tell the point at which we get My Little Pony emojis? Or rather I get obsessed with the My Little Pony emojis…

Terence has been controlling his connecting home with his very own voice! Yes using his hack you can say a colour and the light will change. I should invent a drinking game which involves film titles with colours and go and play it at his house.

Jack has put together a boilerplate for a simple node/express build. I've already found this pretty handy, thank you Jack.

And as always let's end with a personal one. Here's my MIDI talk from Web Progressions at Campus London a few weeks back. Stunning day conf to be a part of!