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📢 Announcement Emoji: Weekly Cool Links!*

People have shared with me a number of cool things this week, along side the other cool things I've seen, I thought that's all we really needed this week!

Colour changing thread with electrical current I think tops the list - I think. Having worked with conductive thread it's not too nice, so I'm guessing there's a long way to go really. But the video does feature crochet, so I was sold from the start.

Google's Tilt Brush for the Vive is here. 3D painting in virtual reality - which actually is about the first thing that makes me want one of these VR headsets. But for the £700 price tag(!) this girl's gettin a new pooter first.

BBC R&D are doing for video what the Web Audio API does for audio - now this is super interesting. There's not a lot on the web so far for processing video, their HTML5-Video-Compositor library allows you to 'edit and composite video dynamically in JavaScript'. That's pretty wowsers.

Speaking of doing things dynamically in JavaScript (I uaually go with magically, but ok ;) ) check this bad boy out. Actual music tunes made on the fly, with JS code… TinyRave literally is hurting my brain ever so slightly. I'm poking around the code. The music stuff is the easy bit to understand with this one… some parts of the code I'm all like ¯\(ツ)/¯ very clever and very nice to use.

Other audio based things include this logo that changes depending on ambient sound, from Wolff Olins; something which is right up my street. I'm on tenderhooks just thinking of all the wonderful visuals I can code along these lines.

No it's not web it's native :S but Moog have created one of their old $10k synths in software form… pretty impressive.

Slightly on an aside Nexmo introduced their cool new dev rel team. Some cool people there.

And of course saving the most exciting news for last… I'm going to Pittsburgh to speak at the utterly amazingly, gert lush cool, Abstrations conference. Look at all those cool people on this cool link right here! (I'd better get cool quick!)

*There is every chance this will not happen every week