Rumyra's Head

So I like making stuff...

I got into crochet a couple of years ago. I was bought a book on how to do it, by my then housemates, cos they knew I liked making stuff. And so I sat there and taught myself how to do it. (If you're unsure what crochet is it's a bit like knitting but instead of two needles you have one hook).

I really liked it a lot, one of the main reasons was it was so portable. All you needed was a hook and some sort of yarn. It meant I could take it anywhere and if I was sat on a train, waiting for a bus, sitting in front of the telly, I could still be making something.


I like making crochet stuff for other people too.

Something happened this morning where I received a really lovely email thanking me for something I had made.

It made me feel really good. I really enjoy crochet so, (although it may take some time), I'm quite happy to make crochet things for other people.

Then when people come back and say they enjoy the thing that I enjoyed making, I feel it's a win win situation.

I don't feel like I've made enough stuff digitally this year. I've been caught up in worrying about stuff, stuff that's probably not worth worrying about.

My new years resolution: Stop worrying and make something.

Maybe I should get that printed on a t-shirt.

Maybe I should make the t-shirt.