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Shower Fail

Shower | No. 2 by PhotoAtelier, on Flickr

So I fell over in the shower this morning.

I say in the shower, I ended up outside of it.

It was all very odd, one foot slipped and as I tried to steady myself with the other that went from underneath me as well. I clung on for dear life to the shower head, which I perceive helped me with my landing. With all the tumbles I have taken in the past few years, I came out of this one pretty unscathed, however it got me thinking:

What's the problem here? Is it a) The bath tub is slippy, b) My balance is off, either through problems with my ears, or I'm just not as young and spritely as I was, or c) I just randomly fell over.

Now, I have been known to be partial to a bit of rough, but falling out of the shower is not something I would want to do on a regular basis, so how can I prevent myself doing it again?

Well I can either a) Get one of those non slip bath mat thingys, b) Go and get my ears checked or c) Nothing at all.

What this highlights is I can't make a decision about the solution without first clarifying the problem. An important lesson if you are trying to build something that is useful & helps people. Always decide what the problem is, and don't loose sight of this problem throughout building the solution.

UPDATE: I haven't fallen over in the shower since this, however a guest did the other day. We bought a non-slip mat.