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I know, everything is crazy today!

Everyone in the UK woke up and thought they were in some parallel evil universe. Europe are feeling a little betrayed/saddened and well, the rest of the world is confused by how they can afford to buy pounds now which is weird for everyone.

So here are my cool links to give you a few minutes of web mindfulness, which now appear at just random intervals, sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes monthly. Mostly when cool links happen.

Top of the weird day list is the weird and wonderful (ok stretching it a little here, just wonderful will do) Phil Nash who wrote a great article on a problem he had using body-parser with the formData object. Not only because of the subject matter and it makes a good read, but really because he openly and honestly shared a problem he had which I find a lot of us would be nervous in doing.

We all feel a bit imposter syndrome at times and so when we do this problem solving thing that programming ultimately entails, we feel that sense of relief that we fixed it and we're good programmers and not to say anything and that we never had a problem in the first place and we're super cool. It's ok that sometimes we problem solve, or just skim read the docs or whatever. Let's share all the things and pat everyone on the back for it and it'll save loads of time in the future! Cool 😎

Google's Progressive Web App Summit happened! I wanted to give you a pick of the talks, but I was pretty much engrossed for the whole first day and I have the second to catch up on. it's cool tho, all the talks are online.

Check out the most performant train times website ever that there was. That Dan has thankfully made it for you. So screechingly fast it loads on 2G no problem. Here he is giving a show and tell at JS Oxford about building it.

Enough already, where's the moosique??

Okay, okay! Do you use Atom editor? I don't, I tried it a while back and didn't find it as performant as Sublime. However there is this package that generates a synth tone every time you hit a key. I might install Atom, for like 5 minutes until it gets annoying.

What do you do with 180 custom circuit boards, 540 addressable LEDs and 150W of power. Well I don't need to say anymore, you can just watch the video.

MOAR SYNTHS. One day the cool links will just be an accumulative list I promise. Synthi-js allows you to upload samples, so that's cool.

It is a short and sweet one today, but I may have saved one of the coolest things til last. Tim added some inspiration to our collective last week by creating this little gem, so simple, complicated and yet so uber cool.