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✨ Rumyra's Cool Links! ✨

Phew, isn’t it warm 🌞🔥☀️*

Well then, I guess it’s time for another instalment of ‘Rumyra’s Cool Links’ (the time will come when this has it’s own space).

*For those viewing outside the UK it was 35 degrees yesterday and the country melted, we are currently trying to reanimate ourselves.

Easily and undoubtably top of my cool links this time is Jake Albaugh’s arpeggiator. I just can not get enough of this. What an inspired, solid, clever and useful piece of engineering. It basically sums up everything ever about ‘why do we have the audio api again?’.

This. That is all. Thanks Mr. Albaugh

There is also Superlooper from Univers Labs which not only contains beautiful loops but also visuals which are just simple but inspirational. (Very close to my own doodles around A/V so they’ll be more like this I’m sure).

If you want a hand with your audio visual creations Chris Dolphin has created visualizer-micro.js a teeny library wrapping just the analysis parts of the audio API, inspired by the methods from that ol’ dancer.js (man that feels like a decade ago right?).

Other things that are cool include a great use of beacon technology to help pregnant women.

This talk I saw at JS Oxford last month by Ashok Menon literally writing a language with a language, or something, it was all like 😳 Very cool tho.

I know others have linked to it, but the tab’s been open so long I couldn’t not include it. This is a great showcase of what you can do with just one div and a love affair with CSS.

And if you’re still hot after all that go and buy yourself a cool print, I saw this one and thought it was cool: The insides of a Minimoog featuring all your fav artists.