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JSConf Uruguay

I went to Uruguay!

Which was amazing! Montevideo was so pretty, the conference was brilliant, the people I met were all so friendly.

I did a talk about MIDI - it's first conference outing.

The projector broke :( This did not help my nerves one bit. What did you do in that situation - I just carried on. I remember thinking to myself in the heat of the moment 'Hey I can talk about MIDI for half an hour without slides!'. Luckily it was fixed half way through - it should make for an interesting video. However the feedback was wonderful, from everyone. Loads of people were really into it! That was so great :)

Here are the slides: The demo isn't up and running on that URL but I'll fix that for the next upload.

The talk definitely needs some streamlining for Web Progressions next week - I'm working on that now. More code, less detail about MIDI specs - there are so many of them!