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Happy (belated) International Women's Day

Yesterday was International Women's Day, a celebration of being of the fairer sex all over the globe.

I work in the web/app development industry. It is male dominated. I have seen lot of sexism in my career, but then I have in my everyday life as well. Just yesterday my middle aged next door neighbour Nigel was explaining I couldn't possibly know what size screws were. Why Nigel? It it my bleach blonde hair? My fair skin which makes me look in my twenties (thanks mum & dad). Or is it my breasts.

It was the latter wasn't it, let's be honest.

I regularly, as many women, face everyday sexism, just like this.

But this weekend, I want to take a different approach.

I want to be thankful.

I want to be grateful that I don't have to cover my face, by law, if I don't want to, and that I can if I feel like it. I wish I could hug all the suffragettes at the turn of the last century, who starved themselves just so I could vote today.

I want to be thankful I had the opportunity to have a university level education. That I can drive a car, have a job and rent a flat. That I can live on my own.

All these things I find myself reminding myself of when I do find out I earn less than my male counterparts 1, when someone's eyes widen when they find out I'm 32, unmarried and without children.

And yes, when Nigel assumes I wouldn't know anything about screws.

And men - I implore you to be grateful too. That you live in the company of such a vibrant, individualist society, with beautiful women in your life, who actually chose to be there.

Most of all, I hope I can look back on this post in years to come and that all these issues, someday, will not be issues at all.

  1. This happened in previous roles, not my current one.