Rumyra's Head

Canvas Conf

At the start of this month, I was very privileged to be asked to speak at Canvas Conf, I was absolutely honoured. Not only was it an amazingly well organised conference in a surprisingly lovely location, but also because of the magnitude of speakers that I got to speak with and meet!

Canvas presents!

The conference bought together creatives, developers and marketeers and was hosted by 383. Terry Ryan from Adobe opened with some new exciting stuff Adobe are doing with CSS - specifically Edge and CSS animation. Matt Andrews from The Guardian chatted about responsive design and how to tackle it. I was up next with my most common talk of this year - an Introduction to Firefox OS and how to start building apps for it. My only concern was I was so practised at the talk I forgot to slow down and so ended earlier than I should have :S Also that I had to follow Matt and precede Hannah Wolfe, who had some really interesting insights into building the publishing platform Ghost.

Alice Bartlett spoke about her experience with hardware products compared to software ones, Martin Beeby inspired us about the technology in our own pockets, Harry Hurst gave us some incredible insight into website personalisation, Mark Wheatley explored the future of expert curated vs algorithmically built playlists and, I'm sure not one of them would mind me saying they saved the best til last, with Dave Birss saying an incredible farewell to digital.

All in all I was completely taken with Birmingham. Everyone I met was absolutely lovely and the city (although I kept to the centre) was enchanting. On a personal note I couldn't thank 383 more for asking me to talk, it was such a privilege!