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CSS Dev Conf

Colorado View

Recently I was lucky enough to have an awe inspiring holiday to Colorado, but I managed to plant CSS Dev Conference within it. The location was amazing - set in the Stanley Hotel, right bang smack in the middle of the Rockies. The same hotel that Steven King was inspired by to write The Shining #truefact.

It felt like the first time in an age where I was just attending a conference and not speaking. But this one was definitely the conference for me. CSS is probably my favourite thing and I got to talk about it non stop - with such great people!

I learnt so much from all the talks I saw. Zoe Gillenwater taught us it's ok to make mistakes (and forget to put our pants on). My favourite talk was from Tab Atkins, who gave us a huge run down of whats in store for the CSS spec - so many awesome things coming I think it's going to require a few more blog posts. I finally got to see Jonathan Snook talk about SMACSS, something I've wanted to do for a number of years now - and yes I felt enlightened :)

The other keynotes where also great. Chris Coyier inspired us all by telling us how to keep up to date with everything, but it's ok if you choose only bits you want to keep updated with and not just everything. It can all be a bit overwhelming. It was also super great to hear Nicole Sullivan talking about her latest project. It was so relieving to hear that other people undergoing projects in a similar way to myself.

I could go on… there's so much to mention - basically all the talks and speakers were fantastic. And in between I got to socialise, yabber about CSS and walk around the incredibly beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I'll keep you all posted with some of the things I've been inspired by over the past couple of months - there's some incredible things about to happen in Front End Development :D