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Happy (belated) International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, a celebration of being of the fairer sex all over the globe.

I work in the web/app development industry. It is male dominated. I have seen lot of sexism in my career, but then I have in my everyday life as well. Just yesterday my middle aged next door neighbour Nigel was explaining I couldn’t possibly know what size screws were. Why Nigel? It it my bleach blonde hair? My fair skin which makes me look in my twenties (thanks mum & dad). Or is it my breasts.

It was the latter wasn’t it, let’s be honest.

I regularly, as many women, face everyday sexism, just like this.

But this weekend, I want to take a different approach.

I want to be thankful.

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I got nominated for a net Award!

Net Awards Nominee

Isn’t that amazing!

I’m totally chuffed. Some lovely person/people actually nominated this demo. (NB The last two links work best on an android device with vibrate functionality ;) )

I’d really luv to get to the shortlist… the voting for that closes at the end of March (24th), if you want to vote for me you can here.

Thank you in advance you lovely peeps :D

I Wrote A Thing!

I was super honoured to be asked to write for 24 Ways this year.

I thought I’d write a little something reflecting my ‘Make Your Browser Dance’ talk, which was about triggering CSS animations with data from audio, all through the use of the Web Audio API.

You can check it out the article here and also the sweet visual demo here.

So I like making stuff…

I got into crochet a couple of years ago. I was bought a book on how to do it, by my then housemates, cos they knew I liked making stuff. And so I sat there and taught myself how to do it. (If you’re unsure what crochet is it’s a bit like knitting but instead of two needles you have one hook).

I really liked it a lot, one of the main reasons was it was so portable. All you needed was a hook and some sort of yarn. It meant I could take it anywhere and if I was sat on a train, waiting for a bus, sitting in front of the telly, I could still be making something.

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CSS Dev Conf

Colorado View

Recently I was lucky enough to have an awe inspiring holiday to Colorado, but I managed to plant CSS Dev Conference within it. The location was amazing – set in the Stanley Hotel, right bang smack in the middle of the Rockies. The same hotel that Steven King was inspired by to write The Shining #truefact.

It felt like the first time in an age where I was just attending a conference and not speaking. But this one was definitely the conference for me. CSS is probably my favourite thing and I got to talk about it non stop – with such great people!

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So I Was Thinking About Preprocessors…

I woke up this morning, bleary eyed, slightly hungover from the first (amaze) day at CSS Dev Conference and really really felt compelled to write this.

I’m a little scared of publishing it. I don’t want to be preachy – you do some code, you do it your way, it works, you’re happy, I’m happy, everyone’s happy. Awesome.

But I just wanted to say: CSS devs, try preprocessors.


Just try them, just once.

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Canvas Conf

At the start of this month, I was very privileged to be asked to speak at Canvas Conf, I was absolutely honoured. Not only was it an amazingly well organised conference in a surprisingly lovely location, but also because of the magnitude of speakers that I got to speak with and meet!

Canvas presents!

The conference bought together creatives, developers and marketeers and was hosted by 383. Terry Ryan from Adobe opened with some new exciting stuff Adobe are doing with CSS – specifically Edge and CSS animation. Matt Andrews from The Guardian chatted about responsive design and how to tackle it. I was up next with my most common talk of this year – an Introduction to Firefox OS and how to start building apps for it. My only concern was I was so practised at the talk I forgot to slow down and so ended earlier than I should have :S Also that I had to follow Matt and precede Hannah Wolfe, who had some really interesting insights into building the publishing platform Ghost.

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I Will Never…

The theme for today seems to be ‘never’.

I was sitting at breakfast when my Mum entered the room, rushing around in a flurry, explaining to both me and my Dad why she was running late. It’s photo day at school, so she had to do her make-up. She looked up and asked me if she looked alright. She looked lovely, of course she did.

My Dad suddenly exclaimed “I wouldn’t worry, no one looks at the photos anyway.”

My brow furrowed and I became slightly puzzled, “I probably would” I replied, imagining myself walking into a school reception and as I was waiting, (cos there will inevitably be a moment of pause), scanning over the photos on the wall.

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The Dungeon Master Was Evil?

The Dungeon Master

Mention The Dungeon Master to anyone of a certain age and it instantly conjures up a cartoon image of a sweet, little guy who assists a group of kids who have found themselves trapped in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, by giving them cryptic clues to help them find the portal back home.

See, look, pretty innocent looking.

I, on the other hand, spent most of my adult life thinking he was evil…

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Shower Fail

Shower | No. 2 by PhotoAtelier, on Flickr

So I fell over in the shower this morning.

I say in the shower, I ended up outside of it.

It was all very odd, one foot slipped and as I tried to steady myself with the other that went from underneath me as well. I clung on for dear life to the shower head, which I perceive helped me with my landing. With all the tumbles I have taken in the past few years, I came out of this one pretty unscathed, however it got me thinking:

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