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I know, everything is crazy today!

Everyone in the UK woke up and thought they were in some parallel evil universe. Europe are feeling a little betrayed/saddened and well, the rest of the world is confused by how they can afford to buy pounds now which is weird for everyone.

So here are my cool links to give you a few minutes of web mindfulness, which now appear at just random intervals, sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes monthly. Mostly when cool links happen.

Top of the weird day list is the weird and wonderful (ok stretching it a little here, just wonderful will do) Phil Nash who wrote a great article on a problem he had using body-parser with the formData object. Not only because of the subject matter and it makes a good read, but really because he openly and honestly shared a problem he had which I find a lot of us would be nervous in doing.

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I got a Physical Web Beacon!


Dan gave me a beacon! (Well Paul gave him some beacons and then he gave me one, so thanks both).

Super hyped about this. I managed to get one through work and then the wonderful Terence took it back and hacked a la Terence stylee (he found out some cool things, I’m not bitter).

But this one is my very own. However looking on the Google Physical website, or doing a search, there’s no simple instructions to just change a URL on a beacon, so here’s some things I found out whilst doing it:

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📢 Announcement Emoji: Weekly Cool Links!*

It's so nice of them - they just tweet me cool sh*t… along with the stuff I read or see and go all like 'wo', I think this is becoming a bit of a regular thing.

Luky VJ bought out a sass mixin library to help with all those nth child thing-a-mees - that looks cool.

I could not agree more with this article by Mr. Zeldman about needing a Front End Director, not only for his good points, but from a personal point of view hitting a glass ceiling a while a go and always working under either technical or creative directors, neither of whom specialise in my line of work. This would solve both frustrations in one.

Working with serial devices (like arduinos) and MIDI? Then this piece of software should help a nice bridge to help send and receive MIDI.

I attended Google I/O Extended in London last week and only really caught the keynote, so have been catching up a bit this week. There's loads of web stuff, so go take a look through the listings, progressive web apps are super hot. My personal pick though has to be Chris Wilsons What's Next For The Web tho, not only is it all the stuff I try to look at daily, but there's MIDI. It was on about midnight my time, but boy did I know about it, thanks to everyone for the tweets!

Typically here's some A/V

It's great to see some more people piping the audio from a mic into web visuals - here's some really gorgeous canvas ones from Olivier Audard

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The Colour Black

When I was studying art in college, one of the first things we were taught when painting, was not to use the colour black, to mix it instead. Straight, pure black that comes out of a tube of paint is extremely strong and when used as shadows or dark places within paintings and alongside other colours actually zaps away these colours or soaks them all up. Leaving a very dull colourless painting devoid of the levels and tones you get from, well, colour. By mixing a very dark shade, usually from a combination of other colours you are using, (dark blues, greens & reds combined make good faux blacks), you keep colours and avoid zapping the painting of tone.

An image of Rothkos black on maroon painting, black squares on maroon background
Rothko, Black on Maroon 3

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📢 Announcement Emoji: Weekly Cool Links!*

People have shared with me a number of cool things this week, along side the other cool things I've seen, I thought that's all we really needed this week!

Colour changing thread with electrical current I think tops the list - I think. Having worked with conductive thread it's not too nice, so I'm guessing there's a long way to go really. But the video does feature crochet, so I was sold from the start.

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JSConf Uruguay

I went to Uruguay!

Which was amazing! Montevideo was so pretty, the conference was brilliant, the people I met were all so friendly.

I did a talk about MIDI - it's first conference outing.

The projector broke :( This did not help my nerves one bit...

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📢 Announcement Emoji: Weekly Highlights!*

Demos & Sites

Probably my personal highlight for the week: The MediaRecorder API is now available in Chrome 49 stable and Firefox 25+. More on this later I’m sure, but Soledad, covers it all here in her special super way.

One of my good internet friends (@nexii) showed me this - if you’re doing code in your presentations you may want to take a look.

If you want to learn angular, (or level up), I recommend Todd Motto, he has some great online courses and he lives next door (ok five minutes down the road, but we’re countryside so I stand by neighbour).

Paul Kinlan put together a site to showcase Web Apps - cos we all know they are the coolest kind of apps (/me ducks). You can submit yours here.


Andy Budd wrote a great article about design thinking, with great references to other types of thinking, just to make you way less confused.

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Javascript is Everywhere

So back just before Christmas, I was doing a little research for an article, and I tweeted:

Looking for examples of JavaScript being used in extraordinary situations (e.g. art installations) - send me links :) (RTs super welcome 😊)

The response was phenomenal - thank you to everyone who (…eyes up douche term…) engaged. Because there was such an incredible response I thought I should put a list of links right here.

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