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A Little Thing About Blends

I learnt a little thing whilst playing around with CSS blend modes this morning which I thought I should share.

I was just making a little visual:

Visual without blend modes

And I thought, wouldn't it be lovely to have some CSS blend modes...

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A Year On...

It’s been a year since I wrote for Geek Mental Health week about my (then) recent experiences with depression. It’s both strange and fitting that it’s a year on.

It’s been one hell of a year.

Re-reading the article now it seems such a sensible read. I really felt like I was on the road to recovery in last October, but the road was longer than I expected, and I’m pretty sure there’s still a long way to go.

I’d had nearly a couple of months off over the summer and was integrated back into work by the time I wrote that article. Looking back now of course that was not enough time, it was rushed. Not just because you start to feel better and so think you are better, but people around you are urging you to get better as well and that’s because they want you to be better. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. I was still recovering from quite a big shock.

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✨ Rumyra's Cool Links! ✨

I wrote this two days ago when I was stuck in an airport. I'm sure each one of you has frequented an airport recently what with it being the summer holidays and all. In fact you might even be reading this in an airport. It's not a long one, I've been a bit out of touch with the travelling, but there's still some gems 💎

Adam's been doing some great writing recently, check out his blog if you don't already. This article about Web Components and progressive enhancements is especially cool.

Something also super helpful for me recently was this blog post from Daniel Mies about getting started with webpack. I was postCSS/cssnext-ing and not only was Daniel extremely helpful (super cool person to follow), but so was his post.

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Font Awesome SVGs

Doing a lot of prototyping in the past, having Font Awesome as part of my front end starter files was always really handy for quickly adding icons when I was building a UI.

Nowadays we are more aware that using a font to represent icons isn’t necessarily the most accessible thing to do for everyone, as Serend explains here.

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✨ Rumyra's Cool Links! ✨

Phew, isn’t it warm 🌞🔥☀️*

Well then, I guess it’s time for another instalment of ‘Rumyra’s Cool Links’ (the time will come when this has it’s own space).

*For those viewing outside the UK it was 35 degrees yesterday and the country melted, we are currently trying to reanimate ourselves.

Easily and undoubtably top of my cool links this time is Jake Albaugh’s arpeggiator. I just can not get enough of this. What an inspired, solid, clever and useful piece of engineering. It basically sums up everything ever about ‘why do we have the audio api again?’.

This. That is all. Thanks Mr. Albaugh

There is also Superlooper from Univers Labs which not only contains beautiful loops but also visuals which are just simple but inspirational. (Very close to my own doodles around A/V so they’ll be more like this I’m sure).

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Moving On

Last week was my last official week at Telefonica (02). I had spent nearly exactly four years in their innovation department. So why move on now?

We all know the last year has been hard and even with all the treatment and with all my moving forward I still need a bigger break, a bigger change. Not working full time for a company for a while will help with this. The past few months have been seeing me feel a lot better, however I have some savings and am taking some time for a self imposed sabbatical.

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✨ Rumyra's Cool Links! ✨

I know, everything is crazy today!

Everyone in the UK woke up and thought they were in some parallel evil universe. Europe are feeling a little betrayed/saddened and well, the rest of the world is confused by how they can afford to buy pounds now which is weird for everyone.

So here are my cool links to give you a few minutes of web mindfulness, which now appear at just random intervals, sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes monthly. Mostly when cool links happen.

Top of the weird day list is the weird and wonderful (ok stretching it a little here, just wonderful will do) Phil Nash who wrote a great article on a problem he had using body-parser with the formData object. Not only because of the subject matter and it makes a good read, but really because he openly and honestly shared a problem he had which I find a lot of us would be nervous in doing.

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I got a Physical Web Beacon!


Dan gave me a beacon! (Well Paul gave him some beacons and then he gave me one, so thanks both).

Super hyped about this. I managed to get one through work and then the wonderful Terence took it back and hacked a la Terence stylee (he found out some cool things, I’m not bitter).

But this one is my very own. However looking on the Google Physical website, or doing a search, there’s no simple instructions to just change a URL on a beacon, so here’s some things I found out whilst doing it:

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